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PerFikPro is the first of products which contain all 18 amino acids ( Real-Protein).

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NEW! 18-Pro Ancient Grain Bread mix

1 Case: 9 boxes (2 loaves per box)

18-Pro Ancient Grain Bread mix is our new product.
It provides 26 g of 18 amino-acids per 2 slices of bread.

Ingredients per box ( 2 loaves per box ):

292 g of Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes, 136 g ground wheat, 120g ground triticale grain, 139 g brown sugar, 60g Ghee, 12 g skim milk powder, 2 tsp yeast ( possible choice of 1 tbs salt?).

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Background Information

Throughout all of human history we built our body tissues ….first with the 18 amino acids (REAL-Protein) found in our mother’s milk ……and later with the same 18 amino acids (REAL-Protein) found in fish and eggs and dairy and meat.

Those who want us to become wrecks so they can supply us with medicines, supplements and health care, now associate the word “PROTEIN” with starch-grains that contain only a few of the 18 amino acids that we actually need for tissue health. Imperfect “PROTEIN” from starch-grains guarantees that we will gradually lose elasticity in our tissues, that we will gradually develop hardened arteries resulting in high blood pressure, poor circulation, cardiovascular disease ….and eventually diabetes.

Fortunately, each tiny 240 calorie serving of Hemp Hearts Protein Flakes contains as much of the same 18 amino acids (REAL-Protein) as would be found in 2 quarts of mother’s milk.

It is easy for anyone to use OUR PERFECT PROTEIN FOODS to restore tissue health and/or lose weight, as follows:

Two Families of Hemp Hearts Products Guarantee Perfect Health

The Original Hemp Hearts family lubricates gut tubes and guarantees perfect clean out.

(Hemp Hearts do not digest completely in the stomach. Some of them release oils in the gut tubes. Most disease, including cancer, begins with colonies of microorganisms stuck on the walls and in the bulges of gut tubes.)

This family of foods includes Hemp Hearts, 22 choices of More Than A Square Meal bars, Little Man Jeffery Luke’s Square Meals (cookies) and High Energy Crumbles. This family of foods also supplies abundant long lasting energy….and some protein for some tissue health benefit.

Always use enough of the Original Hemp Hearts family of foods— (usually 2 ounces or 55 grams of actual Hemp Hearts) with enough long fiber foods (raw vegetables that have not been in a blender)—to clean out perfectly every day. It is good to use Hemp Hearts with dairy for additional calcium for bones.

The High Protein Flakes family makes it easy to consume enough REAL-Protein (protein equal to mothers’ milk) to restore elasticity to skin and hair and veins and arteries and joints and body tissues that have lost elasticity…. because of diets with too much bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and sugar.